Fitness is a mindset. Set your mind to it!

Dedicated to those who struggle daily with physical and emotional health.

I work with my clients to understand their fitness goals, creating a customized strategy for helping them achieve new personal milestones. Since starting my services in 2006, I have taken an integrative approach to wellness.

Brady has been named one of Houston’s best fitness trainers by the Houston Chronicle and named one of the Houston area’s Top 3 Health Coaches by Thumbtack Professional Services.

My innovative techniques and positive customer reviews prompted Bark professional services to name me one of Shady Acres’ top personal trainers. Its gratifying to provide my clients customized training to improve their health choices in their day-to-day lives.

My brand of circuit training combines high-intensity aerobics and resistance training that’s easy to follow, while targeting fat loss, building muscle and strengthening the heart. I enjoy working with clients of all ages and levels of physical condition.

My clients include those with chronic conditions, patients undergoing rehabilitation for an injury, pregnant women, fitness competitors and cancer survivors. I’m especially passionate about my work with cancer survivors, having conquered the disease myself several years ago.

Many Houstonians of note have entrusted their health and fitness needs to me. This includes several doctors, trial lawyers and a recipient of the Nobel prize. I was also a consultant to and trained the creator of the Kanthaka fitness app.

I have successfully completed a supervised internship with a local exercise physiologist and been a long time workout partner with a professional bodybuilder/multiple time Olympia competitor.


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