Bayou City Fitness client maurice

Maurice H.

I am a senior, obese man with extreme mobility issues (balance, etc). I knew I wanted to commit myself to get my mobility back to whatever degree possible, but knew I would need the help from a trainer who was experienced with these types of issues. I did intensive research and found Brady. Brady provided me with a number of references that I contacted — all of them gave Brady glowing recommendations and how much he had helped them to achieve their goals. After hearing these reviews and knowing that my road to achieving my goals would take some time, I began my work with Brady. immediately. In 4 months I have seen a dramatic improvement in some of my functional abilities like being able to get out of a lower level chair or being able to bend over to pick something up I dropped… these may seem like small changes, but for me they are monumental. I am impressed with Brady’s knowledge and trust his guidance to help me get where I want to be. I highly recommend him if you are considering working with a trainer. ~ Maurice H.