Bayou City Fitness client Mary

Mary K.

I’m 63 and have been working with Brady for about two months. When I started I could barely move, much less get up and down off the floor. I had suffered a fall a few months before, and I was dependent on pain medication to sleep or even sit up during the day. Now I am not only able to get up and down, but my energy and enthusiasm for life has returned. I am in no pain. I haven’t taken a pain pill in over six weeks. It’s all because of the stretching, some core training, and a gradual return to the mobility of my pre-accident days. He has really loosened up my joints, and I can move again. My goal is not to regain my 20-year-old body. I just wanted to feel healthy again, and Brady has shown me how to get there. He is not judgmental, and he is very professional. I highly recommend him. ~ Mary Kay B